Sunday, July 5, 2009

“No Cons for Con-Con” - revisited

Guys, let me tell this: the following entry will be a little serious since I’ll be tackling the dirty and chaotic Philippine Politics. Yes, I’ll be verging away from my personal experiences for this blog entry, at least for this one. It’s just that I can’t help share my thoughts on what is happening recently in our country and I think throwing my two cents on this topic is my small way of giving back to the country what it had given me, the opportunity to study in our National University, the Univ. of the Philippines, which honed me well and made me a thinking citizen, open to all ideas and continously aspiring for excellence.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I’m for Constitutional change but I’m definitely and solidly against Con-Ass. To give you an idea why, below is the Final Argumentative Paper I wrote and submitted for my English 104 (Arguments) class. It was undated, I dunno why, but I wrote it during my final semester in the University, the year was 2007…


Resolve that the Constitutional Convention process of changing the Constitution is more cost-effective than the Constituent Assembly -

Title: No Cons for Con-Con

The last quarter of 2006 had been a difficult period for Charter Change and its advocates. Despite the fact that the President of the Republic had already thrown in her full support for the move, even declaring that “the train of Charter Change had already moved forward and left the station,” it eventually did not arrive to its supposed destination because of a sudden “derailment.” We could say that the “derailment” was caused by the opposition from the different sectors of society like the Catholic Church and other religious organizations, the political opposition, the militant groups and other concerned citizens. But we could also assume that the major factor for this derailment was the divided opinion on what is the best and most effective way of changing or revising our Constitution, the supreme law of the land.

Issues on Charter Change

There were many issues debated in relation to Charter Change. Should we or should we not change the 1987 Constitution? Should we adapt the Unicameral-Parliamentary system of government or retain the status quo which is the Presidential-Bicameral type? What is the most appropriate process that we could use in changing the Constitution? Which is the most beneficial process for Charter Change when it comes to cost-effectiveness?

Cost-Effectiveness re-orientation

In any changes, whether it is personal or global in scale has a cost or value and definitely has an effect to you and the society. It is just a matter of determination if the cost complements the effectiveness of that change. Just like in government policies, some may opt for low cost of change yet the outcome is very minimal while others may go for an overwhelming change yet the cost is too high that the people’s basic needs are being sacrificed. In Charter Change, cost-effectiveness is a very important factor since the move will become another landmark in the history of our country and our democracy. The cost of the process that would be chosen should match the quality of its outcome.

What 1987 Constitution states

The 1987 Constitution gave three choices on what mode should be used in revising or amending the Charter. Article XVII, sections 1 and 2 of our Charter state that:

“Section 1. Any amendment to, or revision of, this Constitution may be proposed by:

1. The Congress, upon vote of three-fourths of all its Members; or

2. A Constitutional Convention

Section 2. Amendments to this Constitution may likewise be directly proposed by the people through initiative upon a petition of at least twelve per centum of the total number of registered voters…”

The first option given, wherein Congress could change the charter through three-fourths vote, is more commonly known as the Contituent Assembly. Constitutional Convention consists of members duly elected by the Filipino people for the sole purpose of reviewing and revising the existing Constitution. The third option is the People’s Initiative, wherein the people themselves could directly propose amendments to the charter through the petition of the 12 percent of the registered voters, with 3 percent of each districts voting in favour of the proposed amendments. As we all remember, a group named Sigaw ng Bayan had advocated Charter Change and petitioned to the Supreme Court the legality of revising the Constitution through People’s Initiative. But the Supreme Court junked their petition saying that the 1987 Constitution has been very clear that People’s Initiative is for amendments of some parts of the Charter and not for changing the whole system of government. With this ruling, the choice has been made into a showdown between the Constituent Assembly and the Constitutional Convention.


Part 2 to follow…

Second Semester!

Gosh! I just realized that we’ve entered the second half of the year guys. It’s July already and just a few months from now, we will be celebrating Christmas again and will be greeting a new year, a year again full of unexpected events and experiences. It’s true what others are saying, time really flies fast, especially when you are having fun (or just not being mindful of it, hehe). But wait, let’s not be too excited about it huh, it’s just July.

Anyway, it has been a long time again since the last time I updated my blog. The reason behind? Boys Over Flowers! Hahahaha :-) Yep, you heard it right, that Korean version of the Japanese Manga Hana Yori Dango, or should I say the Taiwanese soap Meteor Garden. I dunno, it’s been a while since I was engrossed with a foreign soap opera, and BoF definitely caught my attention again. I don’t want to sound way too fanatic about it, verging on being one (ok, ok, I admit, I’m a huge follower, hehe), but you see, if you felt being in love even for once in your life, you won’t help but be engrossed and relate to the story (some parts of it for sure). Being a BoF fan, I totally lost touch with my blog and instead spent most of my loose time finishing this show in youtube! But since I’ve finished it already (sorry but I don’t give spoilers though, hehe), I’m totally back to my writing and I hope my new blog entries would suffice and refill the time I’ve been absent here, hehe.

Aside from being a Koreanovela fan, what seems to happen to me lately? Hmm…I lost weight! Yep, you heard it right again. You can even check my photos of late if you don’t believe me, hahaha. I’m so happy with this recent development guys since I’m really looking forward to lose some fats I’ve gained these past year. What did I do? I would say unintentional dieting, hehe. I don’t know if it’s healthy but due to my work, I could only eat twice a day (after I arrive home and before going to work) and prefer to spend most of my time sleeping. But since I’ve gained momentum already and maintain my new found weight loss, I started to lessen my carbo intake by cutting my rice in half every meal. I just have to find time now to go to the gym so I could maintain even further my weight and develop my bod, which I hopefully would achieve before my birthday next year. I’m also trying to restrain myself from going to the barber shop (which might be quite a feat) since I’ve started growing my hair longer so I could have it straightened and styled the same as my crushes (I’m still torn between Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo’s hairstyle). You see, all of these I’m doing because I’m starting to realize that before I embark again on another relationship, I have to make sure that I love myself more.

Workwise, Charlotte (my closest friend at work) and I are brazing ourselves for a change that we think is going to happen to our team. Actually, minute changes already happened but we think those changes are just the tip of the iceberg. We had discussions about it and I just hope that when those major changes come, it would help us grow more professionally (and financially, hehe). As they say in Tagalog Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata… (Let’s just wait and see).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weddings et. al.

Really had a blast yesterday!

Yep you heard it right guys :) Though it was tiring being part of the organizing/errands committee of Kar’s (my college housemate) wedding, it was really enjoyable and fulfilling to see that all you’ve helped planning with unfolded in front of your eyes. Yes there are some kinks on the side, but all of it are just minor ones and were easily remedied (or even overlooked intentionally, hehehe).

If you still remember, all of this started during our meeting at Seafood Island in Araneta Center (after my stressful birthday, hehe), when Kar solicited our help to organize her wedding. After that, we met at Erin’s (another college housemate) house to help her in selecting the photos to be used for the Audio-Visual presentation during Kar’s wedding reception.

I didn’t anticipate that just choosing the photos will become a very challenging task since there are ALOT of photos to choose from, aside from the fact that I don’t have any sleep yet since I went to Erin’s right after my Friday shift. But still we managed to make it enjoyable since we played around with the photos, laughed over those which are funny, (sorry Kar, hehe) and we even watched a Korean movie over the net titled Hansel and Gretel (which is a cerebral type of horror movie). After choosing the pics, Erin started tinkering over them and began making the AVP. Since video editing is her forte, we left the editing to her and just joined hands in prayers for God to give her strength and patience while making the video, hahaha.

Then the day we were all looking forward to finally came. Last Friday, I, Annegi, Jen, Erin, Em, and Joel met so we could all go together to the hotel where the wedding reception will be held. Kar reserved a room for us there so we could get organized in the morning before the wedding proper. But before proceeding to Cavite, the group decided to have dinner first at Red Ribbon - ATC so we would just have our sleep upon arrival to the hotel.

After we arrived at the hotel, amazingly, we didn’t take our sleep yet since we were all in kulitan mode. I told them my experiences with a short-lived textmate (which I took a ribbing from but it was all for fun) and watched the final outcome of Kar’s AVP. All I can say is, Erin did a damn good job with it! It was done professionally and I now know who to take to make my own AVP for my wedding, I just have to look for the groom, hahahahaha! We also had a blast watching the bloopers which Erin also took pain making. After that, I didn’t remember what happened after since I fell asleep, hehe.

Morning next day, I was the one who woke up first. Kar called us in our room to greet us and tell that breakfast will be served in the hotel lobby in 30 minutes. We took turns freshening up and went down at the lobby when Kar informed us that breakfast was ready. There, we met her and Turo (our groom friend), Kar’s dad Tito Boy and her brother Niko. Before breakfast though, we went first to the reception venue to have an occular inspection of the place and have a brief meeting of what to do later during the wedding and the after-wedding reception.

At past 9 AM, we proceeded to the church to help in placing the decorations on the church aisle. The wedding started at 10:30 AM, and the reception quickly followed. I won’t bore you with what happened during the activities but let’s just say that I was really inspired and I’m really looking forward to my own ‘wedding’ (But since same-sex marriage is still not accepted here in the country, I would say my exchange of vows with my future partner in life :). I won in a game, and ate sumptuous food prepared for the festivities. The event ended at 3:30 PM and all guests transferred to the poolside area for Uri’s 1st birthday (Kar and Turo’s youngest). Phol and I served as game masters for the short parlour games we prepared for the kids in the pool. It was really nice seeing kids enjoying the games and getting prizes. After that, our group had a nice time eating and chatting. It was a very appropriate and fun way to cap the day’s activities.

Elbi mates and more

Elbi mates and more

The group

The group

Next stop >>> Hotel Gimik!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Not feeling well today, but thank God I’m on the way to recovery…

Anyway guys, as you might see, I wasn’t able to write frequently as compared to last month. Actually, I intended to do that since I wouldn’t want to sound redundant or something because there are no special events or happenings that occurred during the past week. Since I said that I’ll just focus on my work and my family, my life this month became somewhat routinary. You know, the usual work-eat-sleep-eat-work pattern. It’s a little bit sad having this kind of life, since I was already used to spend quality time with someone I love, someone I care about outside my family. But I tell myself, that’s life. It’s either I just stay on the corner or get on with it and move on. It’s just fortunate that I’m a rational type of person so I chose the latter. I just hope I’m not mistaken, that I’ll be able to achieve the new set of goals I’ve challenged myself with (to buy a car in two years time and be promoted to a new position). And hopefully, along the way, I’ll be able to meet someone who would inspire me more to achieve them, who would help me realize my goals, and celebrate and spend my achievement with him.

Last Friday morning, I was able to meet up with my guy bestfriend in Primary grade, Joseph. What a small world it is since his work place is located on the 17th floor while I’m on the 29th! We had coffee in Starbucks and updated each other on what happened in our lives since the last time we saw each other in Highschool. We had an enjoyable conversation, with him still being the talkative one. I’m just so happy for him since he’s still the same Joseph I’ve known and became friends with, a storyteller and a leader. After that, we parted ways knowing that that meet up isn’t going to be the last one, rather it is just a beginning of rekindling again our long lost friendship, so I’m happy :)
After our shift yesterday morning, some of my team mates and I decided to go to the open market located in Salcedo Village to have breakfast. It was my first time going there, and I was really overwhelmed with the different types of food being sold, making it more difficult for us to choose. But since I was craving for
Lechon Kawaliand Spicy Squid, I chose them as my viands. It’s really nice talking with friends over a delicious meal. After that, we went home full and satisfied.

Since I’ve already eaten and felt a little bit sleepy, I decided to sleep for a while. After a few hours of sleep, I was awakened by an uncomfy feeling in my stomach. I had to go back several times to the bathroom to discharge, either by sitting or puking (sorry for the words, hehe). That’s when I realized that I was having diarrhea or something due to what I ate in the morning (Spicy Squid is the culprit). It’s just fortunate that I’m recovering now, though there are still some pain I’m feeling. Now I learned a lesson, not to crave too much! Hahaha :)
That’s it guys, another set of events that happened in my somewhat boring life. Hehe. CiaO!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayer of Patience...

I can’t believe I would be reading Cosmopolitan thoroughly, thanks for not being so busy lately, hehe. After being a little bit down these past few days (though I don’t show it to my team mates), I think the magazine didn’t come at a better time than  last night. I really thank God that He still watches over me, trying to comfort my weary heart and mind, and though Cosmo is a somewhat out-of-this-world medium, I know He used its pages to teach me that patience in waiting will eventually bear fruit, and it’s sweet. While I was flipping through Cosmo’s pages, I saw this prayer written, a prayer that says Love is truly worth the wait. The prayer is entitled Prayer of Patience, written by author Rissa Singson-Kawpeng and is included in her book Confessions of an Imperfect Bride. I know the prayer is intended for girls-in-waiting, that’s why I re-edited some parts so I could relate to it more. Hopefully, this prayer would also serve as an inspiration to those who are waiting for true love:

Lord, today I ask you: Teach me to be patient…

Help me realize that there is purpose in waiting.

It is not a waste of time.

You are preparing me for what it is to come.

And I believe Your plans are beautiful and beyond what I can dream of or imagine.

So, mold me and make me into a person who is pleasing in Your sight and in others.

And when the time is right, send me the One who will be my partner for life.

Amen and amen.

Thank you Rissa!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Repeat...

I really wonder, am I that bad of a person to be treated like this again? Do I really deserve this? I mean, really? The only thing I care about and thought about each day of my small pathetic life is just to be good and accommodating to others, both old and new. But why is it that everytime I show my caring side, the most vulnerable part of me, I always get rejected? :( Am I that intimidating? Or is it the opposite? Please people, I plead to you, I beg you, tell me! You know why I’m begging now? Because it hurts guys! Really! Honestly, I’m still recuperating from my past rejection, and now I thought I met a new friend whom I thought would help me along the way, but what did he do? Subtle rejection! The same style I’ve experienced before. It’s like he just wounded me deep again on the same spot where I was wounded in the past, I’m almost healed guys, almost, but he has to open it up and make the wound fresh again. Hay Mikee, when will you ever learn your lesson? I just wish I’m in a Monastery or something, just meditating, away from worldly hurts and pains. A place devoid of people who would try to give me more wounds, because the truth? A few more and I would be giving up.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's nice to be back!

Wow! After a week of being silent here in my own blog, i’m here again writing. It’s just sad that I wasn’t able to write during my 1st monthsary of blogging (last June 3 just so you know) since being busy with work made it impossible. Actually, I have attempted to write so many times during the past week but the instance I stepped inside my house,  it seemed like my bed was calling out to me, urging me to abandon all things, even changing my clothes, and just lay my back on that soft and warm cushy furniture. It was also unfortunate that so many things happened during the past week, both personal and work-related that I could have written pages of it here, but then being tired combined with sleepiness really made it impossible for me to even think of how to translate them into written words. But I’m back with a vengeance guys! Hahaha, so please bear with me as I relate some of the most important events that happened.

I Love-Hate Mondays… 

Do you guys believe in the concept of Yin and Yang? Or are you knowledgeable about Newton’s Third Law of Motion which states that for every action there is an equal yet opposite reaction? Honestly, for so many years that I have existed here on Earth, I can’t deny that I constantly experience this , which makes me believe that these concepts are somewhat true. The last of which was during these last two consecutive Mondays. The first Monday was, I could say full of drama and a little bit of rebellion, hehe. For you to better understand what happened, let’s go back to Friday prior that eventful Monday. It was the week then when the Hayden-Katrina sex video started to peak, and all were curious as to what that video really contains. Since some of our teammates have access to a video sharing website, they were able to locate the videos. Being gossip-mongerers as we are, several members of the team created a little bit of a crowd when we converged on that single workstation, thus attracted the attention of a few people outside of  our team. The best part here is that accessing such sites in our workstations and during office hours is strictly prohibited under our company policies so I leave to your imagination what was the repercussion of that action since we couldn’t also think of what might have happened between our Team Manager’s and our Operations Manager’s discussion (if that occured), but after that incident, change definitely happened. Going back to Friday, during our team huddle, each one of us were given our own copies of the Employee manual and were told that starting Monday, no leways will be given and we will all operate “by the book.” Being somewhat hard-headed as we are, all the team members had an emergency meeting after and met into a consensus that we will all wear black on Monday. And so, Monday arrived and we all arrived dressed in black, hehe. That Monday jumpstarted our week of wearing same colors (or designs) as a show of unity and opposition to what happened last Friday. I would say it was a little bit of an immature action on our part, but I could say I’m very proud of our team since it showed how bonded we are J. I’m just happy that all things were settled now …but I would still say Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata.

Repairing Bridges…

Next Monday, I received a good surprise (well, not really a surprise since I have written to him the night before after a long time of no communication whatsoever) when Jomski emailed me through Friendster. If you are a follower of this blog, I know you are familiar with him and what happened in the past. Yes, I’ve written to him again, not because I want to pursue him (which is very far from my thinking since I’ve already accepted everything and I know he’s happy now with someone ;)) but because I just missed my friend, after all we’re friends before things developed between us. Honestly, reading his reply to my email was a big sigh of relief for me because I really felt that a big weight or burden had been lifted from my heart and my shoulders. It’s really difficult when you hold bitterness and anger against another person in your heart, especially if that person became an important part of your life. I can’t say we’re really back to how close we are as a friend before, but being in writing terms again is definitely a good start I should say, and I hope that this would continue to flourish, the same with my friendship to our other friends like Jaeleen, Jaypee and Joy. I’m also happy to note that Jigz and I our friendsters too, and I’m definitely thrilled and excited to meet the guy that makes my be happy J.  I just thank the Lord that I did not totally burned the bridge between us, so repairing it is not difficult to do.


So here it is guys! My first entry for the month of June, woohooJ. Thanks again for all your support and I’m really looking forward to writing more of my experiences and views. Feel free to leave your reactions and I hope to hear from you soon.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seasons of Love

“525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear

 525,600 minutes how do you measure, measure a year

 In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee

 In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife

 525,600 minutes - how do you measure a year in the life…”

I really love this song the first time I heard it and saw it being performed in a movie trailer of Rent-the movie. I dunno, it just makes me think of how my life has turned into after all the years I’ve existed. Have I done good to others? Or hurt anyone along the way? Have I lived my life worthily, or am I just running in circles? 

For the past 26 years of my life, I’ve met so many people: family, friends from school and work, my first love… And all of them have taught me the singlest, most important lesson that you could learn, and that is you really couldn’t quantify or put numerical value on love and happiness that you share with others because doing so would just make you less of a person. Why? Because if you count the times that you have loved or make others happy, you’re just putting limitations on how you would affect others’ lives thus eventually making your world smaller, an antithesis really of being human.

“525,600 minutes, 525,000 journeys to plan

 525,600 minutes how can you measure the life of a woman or man

 In truths that she learned, or in times that he cried

 In bridges he burned, or the way that she died…”

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank you for the support!

Hi guys! A few days from now, I’ll be celebrating my blog’s first monthsary! Yay! How fast time really flies…hay. Though it started on a not-so-good note (obviously), I can’t discount the fact that writing through this blog really helped me in a lot of ways. I was able to release all negative emotions, share my experiences and views with others, and the most important, I was able to practice my writing skills again which I think I unintentionally neglected due to being busy with work and stuff. At least I was able to practice my degree again, hehe.

Since one of the goals of this blog is to share experiences with others, I’m also happy to note that people are really starting to acknowledge its presence. Yes, people do read my blog, believe it or not, hahaha! I would like to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for your unwavering support to this blog. Your comments/reactions do serve as my inspiration to continue blogging my past experiences and share to you my points of view about life in general. I would also like to specifically thank Dany and his friend (the Baguio Boys, hehe) for not failing to email me, showing their full support, and encouraging me to write more - Salamat guys! Don’t worry po, since you’re my avid readers, you’re request is definitely granted :) Just stand by for my next entries and I hope you’ll like them too, hehe.

Again, thanks guys for the support! See yah on my next blog entry :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Of F-F and D-A-B-D-A...

I was held up! Nope, not by holduppers, but by Fitness First. Hahaha! Actually, I had my membership fee auto-debited every month, but since my card declined for this month due to my monthly installment payment for my phone (which will end this August, thank God!), I had no other choice but to pay over the counter. I planned to pay last Saturday but since I just came from work and still groggy due to lack of sleep and the unfortunate event in the office (Martial law’s back guys), I had to postpone it and opted to pay it Monday since my mom and I planned to go to my healthcard company anyway. After finishing our transaction with the healthcard company, my mom and I had to separate ways since she had to stay to Cubao, and I went to Robinsons Metro East, where my Fitness First branch is located. I went there knowing that I have to pay this certain amount for my membership this month of May. After arrival , I immediately went to the desk and asked how much should I pay. Lo and behold! They told me a higher amount. I forgot the late payment fee guys! Hahaha! Aside from the standard payment, I paid an additional 4oo Pesos. It’s just fortunate that I have an extra money with me, or else I’ll die with embarassment there. Well, since I don’t have any choice, I brought out my money blindly from my wallet and gave it willingly to the cashier albeit half-heartedly. You know what’s funnier? I haven’t been in the gym since the first month I joined. Hahaha! 

Yesterday still, I watched the Sweet Life with Lucy Torres, and guess what’s the topic; how to deal with a broken heart and move on! Nice huh. They had interesting set of guests and it was very thoughtful of the show to include IC Mendoza, showing the diversed situations in being brokenhearted. Funny is, we had a little bit of similarities when it comes to how we’ve felt after the failed relationship. We both felt we’ve been taken advantage of, though we couldn’t fault our former partners since we didn’t ask anything in return, all because of love.  

I’ve learned so many things after watching the show. They said it is ok to let it out, to grieve, since all people undergo such process after being brokenhearted. And I learned about DABDA. What’s that? That stands for Denial-Anger-Bargaining-Depression-Acceptance. Honestly, I’m still undergoing the process. It’s funny ’cause I know the exact timeframe when I felt each stage  of emotions, and after assessing myself, I think I’m still at the Depression stage, but don’t worry though since I think I’m already at the end part of it, and slowly transitioning to the Acceptance stage. I know I can’t force it for me to be A-ok, but at least I’m getting there.

Hay, it’s working day again, I can’t wait for Friday…hehe.